Clinical sexology deals with different sexual disorders and problems. Sometimes these problems can be solved through conversation and professional advice, sometimes medicines and/or psychotherapy is needed. Today it is possible rather quickly to resolve majority of sexual problems depending of their nature and underlying cause. We encourage our patients to consult with the receptionist whether they should come to the doctor's appointment alone or with their partner.


Most common sexological problems:

• Hyposexuality, hypersexuality

• Sexually transmitted diseases

• Premature ejaculation

• Erectile dysfunction

• Difficulty in achieving orgasm

• Difficulty or inability to start sexual intercourse

• Dissatisfaction with sex and / or intercourse

• Sexual phobias i.e. different fears about sex and sexuality

• Pain and discomfort in genitalia, pelvic pain, tenderness during sexual intercourse

• Pain in the genitalia for which medical examinations and analysis have not found any explanation but which nevertheless interfere with sexual activity and / or the couple's relationship

• Confusion about gender identity and / or sexual orientation

• Transsexualism, disorders of sexual development

• Deviations in sexual behaviour

• Advice in mechanics of sexual intercourse

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